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The guide shares comprehensive details to help people know if Cashandgo Scam is a legit money-making portal.  

Who doesn’t want to make some passive income apart from their regular salary? We are here to discuss the new trending money-making portal, Cashandgo. It is an online website claiming to help people make passive money by inviting friends, testing applications, and completing online tasks. 

The website has attracted many users in the United States with big claims, but you must carefully use the website because some people have reported Cashandgo Scam online.   

What is Cashandgo? is an online money-making service that claims to help users make passive income apart from their regular salary. The website is registered in the United States, but it can be used by worldwide users to make extra money. 

Unlike other online money-making services, Cashandgo claims to help people make easy money by testing free applications, playing games, inviting friends, etc. It claims to offer $5 for inviting each friend to the website. But there are some scams reported by the users, and hence we are here to look out if the website is a hoax or a legit website to make money.

Is Cashandgo Scam or Legit?

Everyone desires to make extra income, and Cashandgo claims to help them make passive income apart from their regular salary with easy tasks. However, before registering with the website, it is necessary to learn is this a scam or a legit portal. 

  • The features on the website seem legit, but they can’t be trusted because the portal was recently registered on 4th Jan 2022. So, trusting a newly launched website is highly risky.
  • Trust-score is only 1%, making the website highly risky to register and use. 
  • There are many Cashngo Reviews available, of which the majority is unfavorable. The reviews and comments on their social media page seem to be paid reviews and must not be trusted.   
  • There are no details about the owner, address, and phone number, except the email support.
  • Many people claim that they have not received any money after completing the tasks.

Based on these findings, it is urged to research the website carefully before registering to make online money.

What Are Customers Saying?

We found out that many people have shared Cashngo Reviews online. Since they are active on social media, many comments and feedbacks are available. 

Many users have shared positive reviews on FB, but these comments seem like paid reviews. Some authentic users have said that the website is a scam. They collect information to sell, and all screenshots that say people are getting money are forged. 


People to make some passive income must use online services. However, they must cautiously use the services as many scams are going on. Many users say Cashandgo Scam, and after analyzing, we found that many red flags make the portal highly questionable and probably a scam.  So, you may read the comments of users on their Social Media Page.  So, we urge our readers to use the services carefully after proper analysis and research. 

Are you using Do share your thoughts in the below section.

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