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This article provides more details about Letecia Stauch Wikipedia and the murder case of her stepson.

Who is Letecia Stauch Wikipedia? Why she killed Gannon Stauch? What is the intention behind his homicide? Letecia Stauch is the stepmother of Gannon Stauch, associated with the young man’s homicide. The kid’s homicide preliminary was shared via virtual entertainment, and individuals from the US and Canada were stunned. Continue to peruse the Letecia Stauch Wikipedia article to know more insights concerning Letecia Stauch.

When was Gannon Stauch missing?

Gannon Stauch was brought into the world on 2008. At the point when he was absent at 11, he was absent from 27th January 2020. The missing occurrence occurred half a month prior to the Coronavirus pandemic circumstance. Individuals from his area were involved and invested energy into tracking down him. Just the Neighborhood public showed more thoughtfulness regarding the case. In 2018 The Stauch family moved to Colorado. Also, they were dwelling in the spot of Lorson Farm.

Stepmother Murder – Verdict Watch

The Stauch moved region is generally observable in the military. Their home was situated in the tactical official’s region. What’s more, three military central command were additionally existing nearby. That is one of the primary purposes behind the neighbor’s association in the passing instance of the kid Gannon Stauch.

As indicated by the examination report, stepmother Letecia Stauch is blamed for first-degree murder. The stepson Gannon Stauch, brought about death, slowing down proof, with a dead body. The appointed authority is thinking about the destiny of the Colorado Letecia Stauch stepmom associated with her stepson’s ruthless homicide.

Letecia Stauch murder – Trial Twitter

El Paso District – EPSO will start the crime preliminary of stepmother Letecia Stauch. The Colorado Springs woman is associated with killing her stepson in 2020.

Court records announced that the board of judge’s determination is organized to start on Monday. The litigant’s strength master surrendered to a last report of the case to the court.

The Letecia Stauch stepson’s homicide case was additionally live-spilled on the Twitter page.

The substance present in the article is for the peruser’s educational reason as it were.

Letecia Stauch Husband

In 2020, Letecia Stauch’s better half, Albert Stauch, petitioned for legal separation. Albert Stauch has taken his marriage life to his ex-accomplice. She is showing up on first-degree murder allegations against Gannon Stauch’s vanishing.

In 2020, State Court Head delegate official affirmed the documenting to The Child. Reports show obviously that the couple’s marriage is forever broken.

Albert Stauch, the dad of Gannon Stauch, characterizes his separation finish from his significant other Letecia as a weight lastly lifted. After Letecia was charged and captured for killing her stepson Gannon Stauch, the couple clear to separate.

Letecia Stauch Daughter

Harley Chase is the offspring of Letecia Stauch. Before an adjudicator, she showed up against Letecia Stauch, her mom. Harley Chase was 17 when Letecia Stauch was captured for her stepbrother, Gannon Stauch.

Harley Chase didn’t really accept that her mom killed Gannon Stauch till a couple of months prior.

She charges or faces no cases connected with the stepbrother’s homicide. Stauch’s legal counselors highlight Letecia Stauch’s some sickness as a protection for Gannon Stauch’s demise. Keep perusing more about the young man Gannon’s passing case and Letecia Stauch Wikipedia.

Charges against Letecia Stauch

Letecia Stauch, the stepmother, was the individual who saw Gannon Stauch before his demise. Letecia detailed that Gannon was runaway on 27th January Monday, 2020. Following a couple of days, the El Paso District Sheriff’s Office – EPSO reconsidered the missing instance of the small kid.

Following half a month, the inquiry groups worked overwhelmingly to track down Gannon Stauch. Lastly, he was tracked down in Florida.

The accompanying bodies of evidence charged against Letecia Stauch,

  • First-Degree Killer (The Kid Under Twelve)
  • Messing with a Dead Human Body
  • Kid Attack Resultant in Death
  • Messing with Actual Proof
  • 8 counts – Wrongdoing of savagery

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Letecia Stauch Wikipedia expressed the first-degree murder argument was charged against the young man Gannon Stauch’s stepmother Letecia Stauch. She killed Gannon Stauch and covered him. Get point by point data about the Stepmom Letecia Stauch’s Homicide preliminary in this connection.

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Letecia Stauch Wikipedia: FAQ

  1. Who is Letecia Stauch?

Step mother of Gannon Stauch.

  1. Did Letecia Stauch Kill his stepson?


  1. When Gannon Stauch was conceived?

Gannon Stauch was brought into the world on 2008.

  1. When Gannon Stauch was missing?

27th January 2020

  1. Is Letecia Stauch captured for the wrongdoing?

Indeed. Captured and charged.

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