Starbucks Size Scam {June} Explore The Facts Behind It!

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Read facts about Starbucks Size Scam to know about trending news and videos to prank viewers into buying small Starbucks cups.

Did you know that the news about Starbucks Cup Size Scam started trending on 30th May 2022 when a YouTuber updated a video showing small, medium and large Starbucks cups holding the same amount of black coffee! 

Starbucks lovers Worldwide were surprised to see his video as the large cup which is costlier than the small cup holds the same amount of coffee. Let’s check the details about Starbucks Size Scam.

Is the Scam true?

After the video ( was posted, it was viewed by more than 36,481 people, and 233 viewers liked it. There were more than 141 mixed comments, with some viewers believing it to be true, some of them rejecting the claim, and some of the viewers just appreciating the fun involved.

After the above video surfaced, it was shared extensively. To check if the claims made in the video were true, a few customers took live to the Starbucks store to examine the sizes of cups. As a result, a YouTube video was released (, which proved the claim false!

About Starbucks Cup Scandal:

The initial viral video showed a man pouring black coffee into 12-ounces cups. Next, he takes a 16-ounces cup and pours the coffee from a 12-ounces cup. Surprisingly, the 16-ounces were full. Then, he repeated the step with a 20-ounces cup by pouring the same amount of coffee. And the 20-ounces cup was also full. 

It was unbelievable as a medium and large cups were not worth buying. The person also commented that a customer should always consider buying a small cup of beverage from Starbucks. However, the motive behind making the Starbucks Size Scam video is unknown. Such a video was also circulated for McDonald’s beverages, and the same advice to prefer buying small cups from McDonald’s was recommended.

However, for loyal Starbucks customers, discovering the truth was important. In the search for truth, it was discovered that the video was a prank; it is a popular trick and existed for ages! Various agencies who had verified the video also suggested the same. 

If we verify the video, the host did not demonstrate the amount of liquid each glass holds by measuring the quantity with a measuring beaker in the Starbucks Size Scam video. Secondly, the thickness of the medium and the large cup was more than the small cup, which could easily cover the difference of 4 to 8 ounces. Thirdly, the medium and large glass may have a false base. Hence, the host should have clarified the depth of the glasses by using a ruler.


Thousands of videos surface on YouTube that has been altered. However, the truth can be verified in the live videos, which showed the larger cup could hold a considerable amount of ice and coffee and that it is better to order a beverage without ice to get more quantity of drink. Therefore, the news about Starbucks Size Scam is false.

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